The Importance of Helping Your Child to Read

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When you help your child to read, you are not only creating a bond with them. You are also helping them to develop cognitively on top of that. Reading a book with your child has many other benefits than the connection that you produce. When you are reading a book to them, they are improving their listening skills all the time. Listening intently and focusing on every word, stimuli are being received all over and imaginations are getting inspired.

This same stimulus is being received when your child is reading books by themselves. But it is important to remain by their side and help them out when they need it. To learn more and improve your language skills, you need to read slightly above your limit. There could be a word that your child doesn’t understand. When there is no-one to help them out, the comprehension of what they are reading will not reach its full potential.

This goes for vocabularies as well. They vocabulary doesn’t have the chance to expand when no-one is helping them out with the unknown words. And looking at it scientifically, your phonemic awareness will be increased by reading too. This is the taking of individual sounds and having the ability to hear, identify and play with them. Through helping them to read, there are more of these sounds produced for them to hear.

If there is a structured time to read every day, then a routine is formed and reading becomes natural to them. This will reap huge benefits in the future, whether it be for studying or in the business world. The ability to read with ease is the ability to access knowledge with ease. It is important to help your child to read whilst they are young, then in the future it will become a force of habit.

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