Art and craft


Hi guys! Enjoy my fun review of the ‘Fun Plastic’ kids toy.  Watch me as I place a blob of the magic goo on the end of the pipe and blow carefully as my balloon starts to take shape. I had to seal my balloon by then simply pinching it together.




Hi Guys. Enjoy my toy review of Magical Sand, accompanied by a real catchy theme tune. Oh My Me, this was such fun!  There are many different types of magic sand.  Here you will see a dry version, however there are other types that require water to dispense the sand within.  Whichever type you decide to get you are such to have endless fun with Magic Sand.




Watch my review of the Disney Frozen Shaker Maker. I had so much fun making and painting my very own detailed statuette of Anna, and here I show you how!

Guidance (if you need any after watching)-

Start by choosing one of the two character moulds, then fill it with Shaker Maker powder and water, attach it to the Shaker Maker, and get shaking to create your model! When the powder dries, open up the mould to reveal your model, then paint it with the six paints to finish it off.