Hygiene habits for kids

kids washing hands

Parenting, an art that requires time and efforts both and sometimes attention too, when it’s about kids’ hygiene. For parents, teaching their kids hygiene lessons is not an easy task. But once developed, it lasts for a life time.

Children tend to put their fingers or hands in their mouths countless times, whether they touch or play with toys or they are in the playground. Therefore, it becomes necessary to teach them the habit of washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Parents should try motivating them to sing their favourite song or poem while washing hands so that they give extra time to this activity and enjoy it.

Parents should also educate their children about nail clipping, as large nails can be a home for dirt and bacteria and kids put their fingers in mouth and eyes very frequently. Parents should ensure this is done on a weekly basis.

For kid’s health especially among newborn to children until 12 years old, food hygiene is also a crucial factor. Parents should ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and be vigilant about places they buy groceries and their children have their meals.

Try to teach your kids the difference in maintaining positive and negative habits. Explain to them the purpose of maintaining good hygiene habits and help them to understand how will it affect their lives in the long run. Every time a child shows these habits, it should be praised. Once kids develop routine, they will think this is much the same as having a meal so that they can survive or feel delighted.

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