Find out more about some of the authors we have worked with.


thomas ingham

Thomas Ingham.  Author of 'The giraffe who got his neck in a knot'.

Thomas is a children’s author and illustrator from a city called Manchester, UK!   You can read all about Thomas Ingham's interesting journey to become an author on his full post by clicking here.



James Baker.  Author of Pizza Panda

James is an up and coming children’s author born and raised on Cape Cod Massachusetts.  At a very young age James fell in love with the ocean, Pizza and  story telling.  A few years ago James came up with Pizza Panda, a silly panda who gives up bamboo for pizza.  Pizza Panda is also James first book.  James lives in central Florida now with his wife and two children and works as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher.  James is very excited about Pizza Panda and has a few more Panda stories to tell, and remember Read Books-Eat Pizza.



Anna Casamento Arrigo. Author of Mr Moon Mr Moon

Anna Casamento Arrigo was born in Sorrentini, Sicily and came to America with her family and settled in New Jersey. After suffering a stroke, she turned to writing as a means of expressing her innermost thoughts through visionary prose. Inspired by music, poetry, and the classics of literature, Casamento Arrigo truly encompasses the breadth and scope of the written word. Having taught inner-city students prior to her stroke, Casamento Arrigo understands full well what it means to need inspiration. Between the success found at her hands, and the successful impartation of love, creativity, and understanding, on to her five children and her 12 grandchildren, Casamento- Arrigo has accomplished a great deal. She has penned several books, including a memoir, an electrifying romance, as well as several children’s books. Casamento-Arrigo continues to make great progress toward complete recovery .She is, presently,working on several additional children’s books,as well as, another memoir ,a collection of short stories,and,yet,another collection of poetry!



Glenn Lovegrove.  Author of Pierre the Cat

"Having written poetry for most of his life, Glenn’s motivation to write children’s books began when he met his wife, who having been a teacher for over twenty years is now a Headteacher.  They share a passion for wanting to get children reading more from an early age.  With the variety of books he read to his three children when they were younger, he is well qualified to judge a good story and believes his book is right up there with the best!  Glenn has a new book due out soon, under the title of 'Pierre the Cat Deux'.  This new rhyming tale sees Pierre go off on another exciting adventure!"  


Other authors we have worked with include-

cherie sola
natalie page

Cherie Sola. 
Author of 'Disco at the Disco' and 'Flavourland'.

April Cox.  Author of Puppy Pickup Day (Mom's Choice Gold Award Winner, Oct, 2018)

Natalie Page.
Author of Zak and Jen's Astronomical Adventure 


Lydia Di Giulio
Author of Where is Daisy and Poo Zoo

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