How to choose the right books for your child


A few months after birth, a baby is noticing and reacting to stimuli. From this point on there are so many new things to take in and the learning process is non-stop. Reading books to your children is a valuable part of the cognitive development that they receive. But it is important that you get the book selection correct and it can be a very easy task.

With the correct selection of book, learning is essentially disguised as fun. Just thinking about your child’s personality and selecting a book that fits that is a good start. If your child likes a certain type of (more…)

Fun and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

healthy school lunch ideas

Trying to come up with creative and healthy lunchbox ideas for your child to take to school can become a chore.

Kids can be very picky and aren’t always willing to try something different. Our job as parents is to try and introduce them to healthy but fun foods. Surprising kids with something different in their lunchboxes is a good way start!

Here a 10 very quick and easy ideas to get you started: